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Clinical Supervision

I offer Clinical Supervision to Licensed Counseling Interns and Associates in Oregon, as well as Consultation to other Professionals.

My fee for Supervision is $135 for 60 minutes 

Please email for Consultation fees or additional information. 

My Clinical Approach is greatly influenced by the M.E.T.A. (Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches) Training Center in Hakomi, Attachment, and Recreation of the Self.


"Hakomi" is a Native American Hopi word that means "How do I stand in relation to these many realms?"

I bring a mindful, experiential, collaborative and relational approach to supervision, to create a safe and supportive clinical relationship. Through my ongoing professional growth and development, I'm inspired to support supervisees as they explore their own professional trajectory.


I intend to facilitate a space where a supervisee can find their own professional identity, sense of autonomy, and ability to reflect and make ethical decisions. I encourage supervisees to cultivate their own clinical approach, while exploring the complexity of being a clinician, and working with diverse clients and clinical issues. Lastly, my supervising style also includes acknowledgment of and reflection on your own personal and emotional growth in this process.

I work as a supervisor to several clinicians within

the Mindful Therapy Group  

"Kelly is the definition of the supervisor we all need. Her presence is felt in her intuitive, reflective questions, her support in her resources and suggestions, and her warmth and compassion is so lovely to be on the receiving end of. I always felt safe to share any insecurities in my work because it was met with neutrality, tenderness, and empathy. This modeled how to address uncertainties I may have going forward. It's clear Kelly genuinely cares and has a gift in attuning to people's needs.  I feel fortunate to have found such a talented, and authentic counselor and supervisor. My practice has improved significantly thanks to her guidance and teachings."
Rinat, supervisee 

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